Poor Clare Federation of
Mary Immaculate in the
United States of America
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An enclosed life of prayer and penance, in solitude and silence, occupied with God alone, urged on by love for the whole people of God.

-Constitutions, Art. 1

"Among the other favors we have received and do daily receive from our Benefactor, the Father of Mercies, outstanding is our vocation."

-Testament of St. Clare of Assisi

A Vowed Life of Love

As Poor Clares in the Federation of Mary Immaculate,we are firmly and joyously committed to our vocation to be loyal daughters of the Church, in our enclosed life of prayer and sacrifice for the needs of all the world.

The Office choir of our Cleveland monastery

On the joyous occasion of a first profession
of vows in our Cleveland monastery

"The contemplative life!
How precious it is in God's eyes!
What a treasure it is for the Church!
It is true that these sisters
by their love and life of silent prayer
exercise a most universal and
fruitful apostolate in the Church."

-Blessed John Paul II

We are officially commissioned by
Holy Church to pray the Liturgy of the Hours

The member monasteries of our federation strive to be wholly faithful to our Holy Mother, the Roman Catholic Church, and to our Holy Rule,written by our foundress, St. Clare of Assisi, 800 years ago.

And we cherish our traditional cross-form habit.

Easter Sunday in the monastery
in Roswell, New Mexico

A sister in our Belleville monastery
sews linen to create our headcovering

Garden work is joyously undertaken together
by sisters in our Chicago monastery

A newly solemnly professed nun kneels
before her Lord and Bridegroom

The joyous poverty, radiant chastity, and humble obedience of Saint Francis and Saint Clare are the ideal in each of our individual communities, where we dwell enclosed, hidden with Christ in God.

In our humble, hidden daily tasks, we unite ourselves with the poor, who must work for their daily sustenance, and with the Blessed Virgin Mary, who cared with the greatest possible love for her family in their home at Nazareth.

A sister in our Kokomo monastery
arranges flowers to adorn the altar
of the Most High King

Prayer is the very fabric of our lives, interwoven with manual labor and our daily hour of recreation, permeated throughout by our devotion to the Holy Eucharist, the source and summit of the Church's life, and the very heart of our monastic living.

Love Him totally

who gave Himself


for your love.

-St. Clare of Assisi